A woman drinking fluoridefree water.

Fluoride-Free Water vs. Fluoridated Water: What’s Your Choice?

Since the mid-1940s, compounds containing the mineral fluoride have been added to community water supplies throughout the US to help prevent tooth decay. Health concerns expressed by opponents have been mainly dismissed until recently. While fluoride is universally regarded as excellent for oral health, helping prevent cavities, there still remains controversy about whether directly ingesting

A little boy drinking water out of a glass.

Is Purified Water Bad for You?

Have you ever wondered what lurks in your tap water? There are many things in it that you may not realize are harmful. Even though each municipality has its own water treatment process, there’s a good chance that your faucet water contains some contaminants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a minimum water quality standard,

Spring water emerging from bright green mossy rocks.
CPAP safety

Is it Safe to Use Spring Water in a CPAP?

A popular topic we often get asked about is water. Which type of water should I use in my CPAP? Do I have to use distilled water with my CPAP device? Can I use spring water? What is the difference between spring water and distilled water? Is it safe to use spring water? It is

Purified water being poured into a glass with two glasses of purified water kept beside it.

What is Purified Water? 3 Main Purification Methods

Water is an essential element for life, but so many different types available, it can be hard to settle on the one that best suits your needs. There are plenty of options on the market with various benefits and drawbacks for both general consumption as well as specific purposes like CPAP machines. When choosing a

Purified water being poured into a glass with another glass filled with purified water kept beside it.

Can You Drink Purified Water?

When it comes to drinking water, American consumers have many choices, from straight out of the tap to a variety of bottled options. Such variety can lead to questions about which water is safest for consumption as well as which water tastes the best. While many people already prefer bottled purified water, others may wonder,

Ph of distilled water in a glass

What is the pH of Distilled Water

Worried About the Acidity of Your Water? Take the Safer Option with the Neutral pH of Distilled Water! Fortunately for humanity, water is a naturally occurring and abundant substance on our planet. Otherwise, life would not exist. In adult humans, water makes up 60% of the body. Our brain and heart are composed of 73%

What is distilled water used for in labs and homes

What is Distilled Water Used For?

Vapor distilled water is the purest form of water available. Learn how distilled water is used and what benefits you can gain from using it for various household tasks.

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