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What is Alkaline Water and is it Safe to Use in a CPAP?

We all know that water is essential to our health. But what kind of water should you use for your CPAP machine? (Hint, the short answer is CPAP water.) There is still some confusion about the water that should be used in a CPAP humidifier, and with the growing popularity of alkaline water, some users are wondering if that is a good choice in place of the recommended vapor distilled water.

What’s the difference, and which one is better for you? What is alkaline water? Does it impact the function of your CPAP equipment? Let’s look at these two different types of water to conclude which type of water should be used in a CPAP machine. We will also discuss the side effects of using alkaline water in a CPAP humidifier. Stay tuned!

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Distilled water vs. alkaline water

Distilled water is created by boiling water and condensing the vapor back into liquid form. The distillation process removes the minerals present in water. It aims to reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) to 0. In contrast, alkaline water has been filtered to lower its acidity and add minerals to it. Alkaline water machines replace minerals with platinum and titanium found in the machine’s plates that the water passes over and gets converted into alkaline water. These are both hugely toxic metals, especially platinum. There have also been slightly higher levels of nickel observed.

Side effects of alkaline water on your health and CPAP machine

If you are using alkaline water in your CPAP humidifier, then it means that you’re inhaling it nightly. Too much of anything is not suitable for health, and the same goes with alkaline water. Too much alkalinity in your body and respiratory system can cause various adverse side effects. An overall excess of alkalinity may cause gastrointestinal issues, skin irritations, respiratory infections, and respiratory alkalosis. It is not recommended to use CPAP machines with alkaline water. This type of water is filtered to increase its pH level, making it less acidic. There may also be other compounds in it, such as silica and bicarbonate. Electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium may also be included in alkaline water. While this arguably may be a plus point for drinking it, it’s not ideal for CPAP use. Even if cleaned regularly, these added minerals can lead to deposits in your CPAP components, decreasing your CPAP equipment’s longevity.

Why choose distilled water?

There are many reasons to choose distilled water over other types. Still, one of the most important is that it’s an optimal choice for reducing or eliminating bacterial growth because it is sterile. It also creates perfect air pressure without microbes and mineral scale build-up. Distilled water’s lack of dissolved solids makes it an excellent choice to use in a CPAP machine. Distilled water is pure water with no contaminants. Using alkaline water in your CPAP humidifier has many drawbacks. However, you will breathe in healthy air if you use distilled water for your CPAP and it will help your machine last longer.

Give your body the goodness of pure H2O with vapor distilled water

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So, what’s the verdict? Alkaline water may have some health benefits in the short term, but it can do more harm than good over time and it is not the kind of water you want in your CPAP. A comfortable night’s sleep should not be hindered by choosing the wrong kind of water. Despite the wide range of opinions on this subject, CPAP manufacturers recommend distilled water only. If you’d like to help your body and put yourself on the road to health and vitality, then vapor distilled water is the only way forward.

Distilled water is a better choice for your overall health and well-being and is excellent for use with CPAP machines. Be sure of the purity and quality of the vapor distilled water you use by choosing Aquapap. Cases are available in different sizes and quantities to fit your life perfectly. Try Aquapap today and experience the purity for yourself!

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