distilled water for babies is a good idea

Distilled Water for Babies: An Option or a Necessity?

A new addition to the family is a special time, filled with tender moments, spontaneous giggles, and sleepless nights. Bringing a newborn into your life and home also comes with its share of responsibilities. When it comes to ensuring your baby’s safety, you can never take too many precautions. You stock up on sanitizers and hygienic wipes and baby-proof the house. But an often overlooked item in your kit is the type of water you use when making baby formula.

Distilled water is the purest form of water available on the market. It is heavily used in the medical field so that only the cleanest water is used in medical equipment to ensure patient safety. It not only reduces the maintenance for the machines but also protects patients from infection. For similar reasons, when it comes to vulnerable populations like sick people and babies, it is always advisable to use distilled water.

Babies under six months old are at a higher risk of infections because their immunity is still developing. For that reason, Aquapap’s vapor distilled water is a must-have in your baby bag. It not only provides clean and pure distilled water for babies but also comes in conveniently sized bottles, unlike the inconvenient gallon-size jugs at the grocery store. So the next time you step out of the house with your baby, you can just drop a bottle in your diaper bag and not have to worry about finding clean drinking water to use for making formula. Or better still, because we know how busy life can be and “mom brain” is real, keep a couple of bottles in your baby bag at all times. Vapor distilled water for babies is great time saver as well as being safe; you no longer have to worry about boiling and cooling tap water, which may not even deliver the pure and clean water we expect. For a safer, convenient, and hassle-free option, go for Aquapap instead.

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What is Distilled Water?

In simple terms, distilled water is the cleanest form of water available. While there are plenty of choices, only distilled water is specially processed to remove chemicals, heavy metals, dissolved solids, and other contaminants that are often found in tap water, leaving behind only pure water. And if you are looking for the purest and cleanest form of water, it has to be vapor distilled water.

Distilled water is made by a process called distillation. Distilling requires the water to be heated to a point that turns it into vapor which rises and leaves behind contaminants. When the vapor condenses back into water, it is free from any minerals or other unwanted residue. This condensed liquid is distilled water.

Distillation isn’t a new method. It has existed for centuries. Over the years, it has become more popular due to the benefits it offers. Our process of vapor distillation removes toxic chemicals and metals from the water. On the other hand, mineral water includes minerals which can change the taste of water, and many forms of bottled water are nothing more than tap water with its whole host of problems.

If you wouldn’t use straight tap water, don’t use just any bottled water. Aquapap vapor distilled water for babies and the rest of your family is the safest bet.

It is highly recommended to use distilled water for babies till the time their immune system is developed to withstand minor infections. Vapor distilled water is particularly useful in CPAP machines and car batteries and radiators. More and more athletes are turning to vapor distilled water as their regular drinking water to limit the intake of harmful contaminants. In recent times, humidifiers have become a popular machine many households. Using vapor distilled water in your humidifier will require less upkeep and is a healthier option as it will not release any contaminants from the water into the air.

Tap Water and Well Water vs. Distilled Water

Distilled water for babies instead of tap keeps them safe from harmful bacteria

Tap water is the running water available to you through taps in your homes. It is convenient and easily accessible. But does that mean it is safe? The answer may surprise you.

Tap water can come from various sources, depending on where you are located. It can be from groundwater in reservoirs, lakes, or rivers. Even though tap water is treated and sanitized at a treatment facility, it may still contain impurities and pollutants that can be harmful to you and your family’s health. You definitely would not want to take a chance on the health of your babies. Furthermore, despite the treatment, a significant number of contaminants like lead, copper, excess iron, or arsenic can be found in tap water. Each of these contaminants can have a serious effect on your long-term health. Especially vulnerable are people with weakened immune systems, recovering patients, pregnant women, and young babies. Distilled water is the safer option and a better alternative to boiling tap water, which may kill bacteria but does not eliminate chemical or other contaminants. Vapor distilled water is purified in controlled laboratory settings to ensure its safety.

In rural areas, the primary source of water is from private wells. While groundwater is essential for the irrigation of crops, it may not be safe for direct consumption. Until about two decades ago, groundwater was considered fit for drinking. However, due to rising pollution levels, this is no longer the case. In the recent past, we have seen multiple accidents that have contributed to water pollution. Pollution may happen at a surface level, but pollutants sink in and contaminate even the deepest stored water under the ground. This is why using vapor distilled water for babies is essential in rural areas as well.

How Tap Water Can Be Dangerous for Baby

Baby formula is readily available and is relied upon by many new parents. However, the process itself isn’t very convenient. Powdered baby formula is not sterile and may contain bacteria that can cause serious infections in infants. As per a medical study, baby formula may potentially be contaminated with pathogens, such as Salmonella enterica which should be very concerning for parents!

The only way you can eliminate risks is to ensure you are mixing pure boiled water with the formula. When you use Aquapap’s vapor distilled water you are already using the purest water available on the market. By further boiling this water and then mixing with formula, you are neutralizing any pathogens that could be present in the baby formula. This way, you are safeguarding your babies twice. When you use boiled tap water, you might kill the pathogens in the formula but contaminants like lead, copper, or trace pharmaceuticals may still make their way into the baby’s bottle.

On average, growing babies need to be fed 8-12 times in 24 hours. That is a lot of consumption of baby formula. When you choose vapor distilled water for babies, you are not only making the right decision for their health and safety but also freeing yourself of the worry about what’s really in your tap water. Packaged distilled water is the only way to ensure all impurities are removed from the water. Multiple studies prove that boiling water kills pathogens, bacteria and organic impurities but it has no effect on chlorine, fluoride, lead, or other contaminants.

Don’t take a chance on the health of your family. Aquapap’s vapor distilled water for babies should be your trusted companion during your baby’s formative years

Let’s take the example of lead. Lead seeps into the tap water when water travels through pipes. It can have drastic repercussions for your little one’s health as ingesting lead can permanently damage a child’s learning ability. According to a study by HBBF, 40% of homes have lead levels above the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended limit for children. This is specifically harmful to formula-fed infants because they consume ten times the amount of water compared to adults (as reported by the same study). Being consistently exposed to such large amounts of contaminants can lead to serious problems. Vapor distilled water, on the other hand, is a safe and convenient option for your children. Whether it is to safely make baby formula or introduce your toddler to water, you can rely on the purity of distilled water. With Aquapap’s vapor distilled water your babies are in safe hands. 

Water for Baby Formula: Which Type to Use?

As a responsible parent you are always looking at the safest options for your babies. Their safety and well-being is your top priority and you’re not willing to compromise on that. When you use Aquapap’s vapor distilled water for babies, you are making a commitment of safety to your children. You are instilling a sense of trust and confidence with your family members.

Babies under the age of 6 months cannot drink water. Their water intake is in the form of breastmilk or baby formula. When it comes to the latter, it becomes important to ensure that the entire process of making baby formula is carried out with care. In this case, the most convenient and the best option is to use vapor distilled water.

As we’ve seen, tap water contains stubborn contaminants that cannot be removed even after boiling or treating the water. In rural areas, the risks are even higher as well water has the potential to be quite contaminated. Imagine all the animal waste, oil spills, harsh chemicals and fertilizers over time that seep into this ground water reserve. By using well water in your baby’s formula you are using some form of this contaminated water. This makes tap water or well water risky for young babies.

Regular bottled water, too, is no different from tap water. While it is filtered, bottled water may also contain additives that might not be the best nutrients for such young babies. If you check the label of  bottled mineral water, you will not find a breakdown of the types of minerals present in the water. How comfortable are you giving your baby something without knowing what nutrients or additives it contains?

With Aquapap’s distilled water you are always in control of the water you feed to your babies. It is 100% pure and free from any additives. Find the right sized bottles for your family here!

Advantages of Using Aquapap Vapor Distilled Water for Babies

Taking care of babies is a full-time responsibility. From their feeding and sleeping habits, to their interactive activities, the child-care market is brimming with products that make this journey convenient for parents and caregivers. Aquapap’s distilled water also gives tired and exhausted parents the peace of mind that making baby formula is that much safer. Aquapap gives you the mental freedom to think about other things, like being on the lookout for your baby’s milestone moments!

At Aquapap, the process of vapor distillation is carefully carried out to ensure only the freshest and purest water is bottled. Our commitment is to the health and safety of our clients. Whether it is our convenient delivery service or dedication to purity, Aquapap is your trusted brand for vapor distilled water, from babies to the elderly.

There are many uses of vapor distilled water for babies and young adults and it is always handy to have a few bottles at home at all times. With growing children, you can never be too careful and the least you can do is be prepared for any mishaps. Aquapap gives you the option to purchase bottles in different sizes according to your family’s needs. You no longer have to worry about opening a gallon of distilled water for a small use and letting the unused water go to waste. Flexible packaging, easy delivery system and safety are some of the benefits you get when you use Aquapap’s distilled water.


Water purity is often overlooked when making baby formula. Distilled water should be the preferred choice for all new parents because it ensures the water is in its purest form. Unlike bottled mineral water that contains additional minerals, which may or may not be right for baby, Aquapap’s vapor distilled water gives you complete control of what is being ingested by your babies. Distilled water has many other advantages, especially its use in medical equipment and hospitals. Surgeons use it during medical procedures and to ensure the highest level of safety and reduce the risk of infections in vulnerable patients. It is a common practice to wash and sanitize hands with distilled water before entering an intensive care unit or interacting with patients. Hospitals also use distilled water to prepare meals for their patients.

Closer to home, vapor distilled water is an ideal component for CPAP machines and humidifiers. Unlike other products that only provide distilled water in gallons, Aquapap gives an option of different sizes so that you are never without your trusted water even while traveling. Since this water is free from minerals, it also increases the longevity of these machines and is easy to maintain.

Convenient to Carry

We know packing an infant’s bag requires careful planning and a long checklist. From diapers to baby wipes, feeding bottles and baby formula, the list is endless. It is natural to forget one or two things and more often than not, this is usually water. Packing a bottle of distilled water for babies is not an automatic thought because babies don’t drink water in the first 6-12 months. However, water is an essential component for making baby formula. Therefore, distilled water for babies should be at the top of the list.

With Aquapap, you can permanently keep 1-2 sealed bottles of vapor distilled water in your diaper bag and replace them whenever required. Aquapap’s conveniently sized bottles are ideal for one-time use, not only ensuring low chances of contamination during reuse but also making it easier to carry. Most of the other distilled water brands provide water in gallon jugs. Imagine lugging that around whenever you need to step out of the house with your baby! Now your shopping, weekend trips to the zoo, church, and playdates are convenient and hassle-free.

Small Packaging

Aquapap’s conveniently sized packaging limits exposure to dust particles in the air and avoids cross-contamination that happens when a bottle of water is used multiple times. Using vapor distilled water for babies is a smart choice. But what is even smarter is to use a bottle for one-time use only. This holds not just for making baby formula but also for other uses of distilled water. Once you crack open the seal of a distilled water bottle, the water has been exposed to air and you have a short time before the water is contaminated and no longer pure. When this happens, you are either using unfit water or wasting excess pure water. Both these cases can be avoided when you use Aquapap’s small-sized packaging. You can choose between 8oz, 12oz and 16.9oz single-serve bottles which are ideal for daily use. All these sizes can be ordered individually or in packs of 7, 8, 10, 12 or 24. Once you have an idea of your weekly or monthly requirements, you can place a recurring order so that you are always using the purest water at all times.

Easily Available Anytime

When you are taking care of a baby, days can blur into weeks and weeks into months. Throw in housework and your job or business commitments and you find that time seems to zip past you. Thankfully, smartphones and digital payments have made life super easy. You can conveniently schedule your weekly groceries or prescriptions, and you can now even have dedicated assistants running your errands. Aquapap, too, offers a flexible order and delivery system to ensure maximum convenience to our customers. All you have to do is select the quantity and order in advance for the entire week or month. The small packaging ensures minimum waste and that you have the right amount of vapor distilled water on hand at all times. Worried that you will forget to order fresh supplies? Select the auto-ship feature and you will never be without vapor distilled water again.

When traveling with babies, you want to keep your luggage to a minimum but also make sure you are carrying all the essentials. Schedule Aquapap vapor distilled water delivery to have the water delivered to your hotel room on a specific day. Even when you travel without your trusted pure water, you can be sure that it is never too far away with our flexible delivery service.

The benefits of using Aquapap’s vapor distilled water for babies and the whole family today leads to a happier and healthier tomorrow. Order today!

Distilled Water: Your Safety Partner for Your Family

We have seen the importance of distilled water for babies versus tap water and bottled or mineral water. Newborns are susceptible to certain diseases, much more than older children. Their immune systems are not properly developed to fight bacteria, parasites and viruses that cause these diseases. Babies with low birth weight and preterm infants are at an even higher risk of infections.

To support their holistic development and growth, it becomes imperative to ensure everything is well-sanitized, including using the purest form of water. As a parent or a caregiver to a newborn, your primary responsibility is to ensure your baby’s safety. If your child is less than 6 months old, you should discuss with your pediatrician healthy lifestyle options. Many doctors highly recommend using distilled water for babies’ formula. If your child is older, you should still consider using distilled water in different ways. There are many advantages of using the purest form of water in daily routine activities. Some of these are highlighted as follows.

Keeps the Air Clean While Humidifying

We know how important it is to use vapor distilled water for babies when it comes to making baby formula. It ensures the purest and the safest form of water is being used by your babies. In addition, distilled water should also be used for humidifiers. If you have a humidifier in the nursery or where your baby spends most of her time, make sure that the water used in the humidifier does not have any impurities either. Impure water will only expel its contaminants into the air for your baby to breathe.

Using tap water that contains impurities may not only cause health concerns to those at home but also reduce the lifespan of your machine. (It can also add an unpleasant chlorine smell to the air). Tap water can contain bacteria, and humidifiers are warm and moist which makes them an ideal habitat for bacteria and mold growth. You don’t need a vivid imagination to see what a deadly combo this can be. Imagine all the bacteria and mold that will be released into the air. Now take a deep breathe and imagine an optimally humidified room using pure vapor distilled water. For babies, the choice is simple. Aquapap belongs in your nursery, too!

Pediatric CPAP

CPAP machines are used to treat sleep apnea. The machine delivers a steady supply of oxygen to the nose and mouth to eliminate breathing disruptions and aid in sleeping. For children, a pediatric CPAP works much the same. Initially, it may seem challenging to get your child to accept CPAP therapy, but is highly recommended for a restful night’s sleep if your child suffers from sleep apnea. To further increase the effects of the therapy, it is recommended to use only distilled water in the chamber of the CPAP humidifier. Since your child’s lungs will be exposed to the water in the humidifier, you want to make sure that it is free from any impurities and prevent any bacteria from making its way into your child’s airways. The use of tap water over time is not only harmful for the health of your child, but can also reduce the life of your CPAP machine. The harsh chemicals and contaminants in tap water can damage the device or deliver bacteria and viruses present in the water directly to your child’s breathing passages.   Be sure to reach for vapor distilled water when it’s time to fill your pediatric CPAP machine’s humidifier.

Use for Wound Care

Minor cuts and injuries are part of growing up. They are considered important for the healthy development of children. On seeing a cut or an injury, our instinct is to put the wound under running water to wash away the impurities. This is then followed by dousing with an antiseptic and taking further preventative steps and care. But have you ever given a thought to the type of water we use to clean the wound? We know tap water has impurities, so washing the wound with tap water seems counterproductive. A smart way to quickly tackle injuries at home is to always have a few bottles of Aquapap’s vapor distilled water in your first aid kit. You can easily rinse the cuts with distilled water and be confident that you are reducing the risk of possible infection in your children. As your baby grows and learns to walk and move around, use vapor distilled water for accidents or to rinse toys and rattles without adding bacteria.

Let children be children. Stock up vapor distilled water today for your first-aid kit at home and be prepared for injuries.

Rinsing Sinuses for Kids and Parents

Vapor distilled water is perfect to use in nasal irrigation devices to treat colds and allergies that result in congested sinuses. They also help in moistening nasal passages exposed to dry air. Sinus allergies are common in the United States and can happen to anyone. The common cold, seasonal allergies and a weakened immune system can all cause sinusitis. In infants and young children, spending time in daycare centers or drinking from bottles while lying down could increase the risk of getting sinusitis. While sinusitis is not communicable, the viruses that lead to sinusitis can be spread with unhygienic practices. Therefore, it is important to ensure a clean and sanitized environment where your children spend most of their time. In nasal irrigation devices, it is recommended to not use tap water as it can aggravate the condition due to the presence of bacteria which can cause further infection.

If your child suffers from seasonal allergies, you know how extremely uncomfortable it can be. Parents or other caregivers can consult with their child’s pediatrician for the safe use of neti pots. Studies have shown that children as young as two can safely use these devices to rinse mucus and allergens out of the nasal passages. Just make sure you are using pure distilled water and not potentially contaminated tap water. This makes small-batch Aquapap vapor distilled water for babies, kids and grown-ups the perfect addition to your medicine cabinet.

Use as a Dilutor for Juice

Once your baby starts growing up and transitioning to the toddler phase, your pediatrician will likely recommend introducing other types of foods to his diet. This can range from cereal to fresh fruit and semi-solid options. At this stage, while you would want to introduce new tastes and textures, you also have to be mindful of the quantity of his sugar intake. An easier way to keep the taste but reduce the sugar content is to dilute fruit juice with distilled water. Babies tend to form food preferences early on, .and you wouldn’t want your toddler to develop a life-long sweet tooth! When you use Aquapap vapor distilled water to dilute juices for toddlers, you ensure that your kids are taking in a conservative amount of sugar and are being given the purest form of water. By doing this you are maintaining the nutritional benefits and keeping them from developing a taste for overly sweet drinks. It is highly beneficial to consistently use vapor distilled water for babies, toddlers and young children.

Invest in a Healthier Lifestyle Today with Vapor Distilled Water for Babies and the Whole Family

Whether you have young children, growing infants or newborn babies, distilled water is a must-have in every home. Being a parent is a demanding job. As you juggle with your daily routine while ensuring the safety of your children, you need a trusted partner to help share the load. Aquapap’s vapor distilled water is the purest and cleanest form of water that you can give to your loved ones. The process of distillation is conducted under highly controlled conditions to bring you water that is free of impurities. The conveniently packaged water bottles come in different sizes to suit your individual needs. Now you can easily use distilled water to make baby formula, refill the humidifier, wash minor cuts and wounds, and use as drinking water without worrying about waste and contamination. If you’re ready to invest in your family’s health and adopt a smarter lifestyle, order your supply of vapor distilled water today. 

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