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Is Purified Water Bad for You?

Have you ever wondered what lurks in your tap water? There are many things in it that you may not realize are harmful. Even though each municipality has its own water treatment process, there’s a good chance that your faucet water contains some contaminants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a minimum water quality standard, which allows pollutants to remain in the water and making it into public water systems as long as it doesn’t exceed the set amount. To name a few, there are chemicals, pesticides, viruses, and bacteria. Therefore, using purified water is a convenient option. But is purified water bad for you, too?

The quality of your water may be lower depending on where your water comes from. As of 2018, Rhode Island had the best urban air quality and drinking water quality, while Maine had the worst. Despite meeting minimum requirements, tap water often still contains some amount organic and inorganic pollutants. Thus, the importance of water purification becomes more apparent, and people start looking for safer drinking water options.

Switch to vapor distilled water, the purest form of water.

What is purified water?

Before we can answer the question is purified water bad for you, let’s define what purified water is. Purified water is water that has been processed to filter out debris, microbes like bacteria and viruses, and other tiny substances like dirt and metal particles, according to January 2015 research in ​Nanotechnology Science and Applications​. In other words, purified water is tap water that undergoes additional filtration. Common purified water sources are certain kinds of bottled water or tap water that’s passed through a home filter. According to the EPA, water purification methods include carbon filters, reverse osmosis filters, ion exchange filters, water softeners, and distillers.

Is purified water bad for you?

As long as the purified water meets the standards set by EPA, it is safe to drink. Switching to purified water has its own benefits, but vapor distilled water offers all these benefits and comes in convenient, easy-to-carry bottles. Vapor distilled water contains no contaminants – no, chemicals, fluoride, bacteria and viruses, or other impurities. Here’s how purified water – especially vapor distilled water – can improve your health.

Helps Digestion

Consider the last time you ate a meal without any drinks. You likely experienced digestive issues or felt heartburn, stomach ache, or some other painful reaction. Drinking water aids in digestion, nutrient absorption, and bloating reduction. It’s essential for every meal. As a further aid, vapor distilled water has a neutral pH, reducing acidity in the body. This is also good digestion, especially for those who suffer from acid reflux.

Is purified water bad for you?

Detoxifies the body

During the detoxification process, hydration plays a vital role in clearing the body of lactic acid and other toxins. Ample (clean and safe) water consumption aids kidney function, ensuring that all internal organs are functioning correctly and being “flushed out” regularly. It is important to drink purified water since the impact is less significant if the water contains impurities and toxins.

Encourages a higher intake of water

It is only healthy to drink safe and clean water on a regular basis, and since tap water often has an unpleasant taste and odor, this may not be easy. When water tastes good and is readily available, it’s easier to drink more. That is one of the reasons why gyms, schools, colleges, and other public areas have started replacing outdated water fountains. People should get the chance to meet their daily intake requirements without relying on tap water alone. With the goodness and safety of vapor distilled water, you can rest assured that you and your family are drinking pure water only.

Recommended for CPAP humidifiers

Not all types of purified water can be used in a CPAP machine. Only distilled water should be used in your CPAP humidifier as it is the safest. Not only will it keep you healthy, but it also ensures that there are no viruses, bacteria, or contaminants present in the equipment. Tap water and mineral water are known to reduce the lifespan of these machines, so these types should be avoided at all costs. Invest in vapor distilled water today and keep yourself away from the risks of getting infections from the microbes present in tap water or damaging your expensive equipment with mineral deposits.

Select vapor distilled water and choose a healthier lifestyle today!

So, is purified water bad for you? No, it’s not. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Purified water has a range of uses and benefits that make it an essential part of our lives. And among all the different types of purified water out there, distilled water reigns supreme as the purest form available. If you want the cleanest and healthiest water possible, shop for vapor distilled water from Aquapap today.


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