Premium Nursery Water for Babies: Aquawawa

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Finally, a Safe Choice in a Dangerous World

When you become a parent, you start to look at everything differently. You see the joy in the little things. The quietest moments become the most precious. But you also see the dangers: bacteria, viruses, toxins, and contaminants – and they are everywhere! Even the most basic of things, like water, suddenly must be analyzed for safety (and rightly so).

Fortunately for parents, there’s Aquawawa. A safe, convenient way to ensure the water you use for your baby’s needs is healthy and pure. Vapor distilled water is completely free of contaminants, and when it comes in 8-ounce bottles just the right size for making formula, it’s every exhausted parent’s dream come true.

An Easy Parenting Win

Unlike so many other parenting choices, choosing Aquawawa is a no-brainer (which is good because all those sleepless nights will give anyone brain fog.) Aquawawa’s promise to you and your child goes beyond purity. It’s also a pledge to provide an easy and convenient solution for modern parents. The small, easy-to-hold bottles are perfect for on-the-go families. Whether you’re at home or traveling, Aquawawa fits seamlessly into your routine, ensuring your infant has safe water for their needs, no matter where you are. Now that’s winning.

The best part? Aquawawa isn’t just for mixing with formula. You can use it for everything from preparing baby food to using in your little one’s nursery humidifier, making it a versatile choice for value-conscious parents. When you choose Aquawawa, you’re choosing a water that’s not just pure, but also gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin and delicate system.

Mother giving formula made with nursery water to her baby

With the purity of Aquawawa, you can stress a little less about your baby’s well-being.

Love at First Drop

Learn about the personal experiences of other moms using Aquawawa. Read our shop reviews below!

When “Purified” Really Isn’t

Water seems simple enough – you turn on the tap and water comes out. But when it comes to choosing water that will go into your baby’s body, the question becomes much more personal and complex. Is that tap water really safe for your infant? What about that bottled water from the grocery store? When you start digging for more information, you’ll quickly learn that “purified” water isn’t really all that pure.

As a parent, you want to give your infant the very best from the start. One element that often gets overlooked is the water you use – especially if you’re a formula feeding family. Water isn’t just a minor ingredient in your baby’s botttle; it’s a major component that can significantly influence their health and development either for the better (yay!) or for the worse (let’s avoid that!).

We all know that water – and being properly hydrated – is essential for us humans. For babies, the purity of that water is honestly a pretty big deal. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that water is water. Many people are surprised to learn that nearly all sources of water – yes, even from your kitchen tap – often contain impurities. Lurking in your water may be heavy metals, chemical and industrial runoff, bacteria, fluoride (which babies don’t need), and other contaminants that can be harmful to the littlest among us. Yikes!

Even more shocking to many parents is that that bottled water labeled “purified” in the store is sometimes nothing more than tap water. Or tap water that’s been run through a filter. It is not – as many are led to believe – 100% pure, unadulterated, clean, and contaminant-free water. Instead, that “purified” water might be no better than water from the tap – it’s just more expensive.

Now, low levels of impurities are generally nothing to worry about for healthy adults and older children. We can handle it. But infants are just getting started in this world and don’t have fully developed immune systems yet. This makes them more susceptible to problems caused by these contaminants, even if the issues don’t show up until months or even years later. At that point, it may be too late to reverse the damage done. And no one wants that. No one.

But don’t let that get you down. Aquawawa nursery water undergoes a vapor distillation process (more details on that later) to eliminate impurities, creating a much purer product than any other purification or filtration option on the market. Don’t fall for water that’s simply “purified” for your nursery water. You can trust vapor distilled Aquawawa to be the safest for your baby.

Aquawawa is not just any regular nursery water; it’s a product of advanced scientific research, high standards of quality control, and, above all, a commitment to your baby’s health. The magic behind Aquawawa lies in its vapor distillation process, a method hailed as one of the most effective ways to purify water.

What exactly is vapor distilled water? Simply put, it’s water that has undergone one of the most stringent purification process known to science. This method involves heating the water until it turns into steam, then cooling the steam back down to its liquid state. Any impurities, such as heavy metals, chemicals, and bacteria, are left behind in this process, as they don’t evaporate with the water. The result? 100% water. Only water. Clean water that’s as pure as your baby’s skin. That’s why you’ll find distilled water being used in medical settings, in laboratories, and other places where purity is paramount.

At Aquapap, the company behind Aquawawa, we have a deep understanding of the trust you place in our products when caring for your little one. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure every bottle of Aquawawa meets stringent quality standards. Free from any chemicals, Aquawawa is made keeping your baby’s safety and wellbeing in mind. It is also BPA free, because we know purity of packaging matters to you, too.

With the added benefit of personal doorstep delivery and free shipping, Aquawawa aims to make the lives of busy parents a little easier. You already have plenty of things to worry about. You don’t have to stress out about running out of nursery water; with Aquawawa, it’s just a click away.

In a world full of choices, it can be challenging to know which is the right one for your precious little one. However, when it comes to water, the choice is clear. Aquawawa is more than just water; it’s a promise of purity, safety, and convenience. It’s the commitment to providing your infant with the best start in life, one drop at a time.

The Vapor Distilled Difference

In order to choose the best water for your baby’s health, you’ll want to get a solid understanding of what vapor distilled water is as well as getting clear on the different types of water that are available – and yes, there are many types – and how they stack up to vapor distilled water.

Understanding the science behind distilled water is crucial to appreciating its superior quality, especially when it comes to your baby’s health. Distilled water, such as Aquawawa, is a product of a meticulous process called vapor distillation, designed to remove all impurities and leave behind nothing but the purest form of water.

So, what does this distillation process entail? The concept is rooted in the natural hydrologic cycle where water evaporates, forms clouds, and falls back to Earth as rain, effectively purifying itself. Distillation mimics this natural process in a controlled environment to ensure the water’s utmost purity. Pretty cool, right? It’s also extremely effective.

To distill water, it’s first heated until it reaches its boiling point and transforms into steam or vapor. As water boils and turns to steam, it leaves behind many of the contaminants that were initially present. This is because most contaminants have higher boiling points than water and do not vaporize at the same temperature. The steam is then collected separately and cooled, condensing back into a liquid state. What you have left is water in its purest form, free from impurities such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals that may have been present in the original water source.

Aquawawa uses this vapor distillation method to produce its nursery water, ensuring a high degree of purity that is hard to match with other filtration methods. To maintain the superior quality of Aquawawa, post-distillation checks are conducted to confirm that no impurities remain, giving parents peace of mind about the safety of the water they’re using for their babies’ needs. Whew! One less thing to worry about.

But why is this process so crucial for water intended for babies? Infants have delicate immune systems that are still developing and might not effectively deal with potential contaminants often found in tap or bottled water. They also don’t need extra minerals or fluoride that can put their delicate systems off balance – breast milk or formula has all the minerals they need. By using distilled water like Aquawawa, you can avoid these potential risks and ensure the water used in your baby’s formula or for other needs like their humidifier, is safe and pure.

Guess what else? The absence of minerals in distilled water prevents any mineral build-up in bottles, other feeding equipment, and humidifiers. That makes it a practical choice for parents, too. Distilled water’s purity also makes it ideal for mixing with infant formula, ensuring no foreign substances interfere with the nutrient profile of the formula. Take a breath, mom. We’ve got you.

By understanding the science behind distilled water, you can appreciate the meticulous attention to safety and quality embodied in every bottle of Aquawawa. The distillation process ensures that you are giving your baby the cleanest, safest water, free from impurities. It’s a difference you can trust, and a choice that empowers you to provide the very best for your little one. Remember, with Aquawawa, you’re not just choosing distilled water; you’re choosing a commitment to purity and the health of your baby.

When it comes to your baby’s health and wellbeing, every choice you make carries immense significance. (No pressure.) Among these choices, the type of water you use plays a pivotal role. Distilled water like Aquawawa presents a multitude of benefits that make it an optimal choice for caring parents.

First and foremost, distilled water is pure. It undergoes a rigorous vapor distillation process, which effectively removes potentially harmful impurities like heavy metals, chemicals, fluoride, and microorganisms. While adults and older children can typically tolerate these contaminants, infants and their developing immune systems are much more vulnerable. Therefore, providing your baby with nourishment using distilled water helps protect them from these potential health risks.

Distilled water is also free from added substances, like fluoride, often found in tap water. While fluoride may be beneficial for oral health in older children and adults, it’s not recommended for babies under six months. (All those things you didn’t know you needed to worry about, right?) Using distilled water for your baby’s formula helps ensure they’re not ingesting excess fluoride.

Another significant benefit of distilled water is its neutrality. It has a neutral pH, neither acidic nor basic, making it gentle on your baby’s sensitive stomach and developing digestive system. Its pure composition ensures that nothing interferes with the nutrient absorption from your baby’s food or formula, providing optimal nutritional benefits. (Plus since it’s neutral it will go with any nursery color scheme!)

The clarity of distilled water isn’t just about what it doesn’t have; it’s also about what it does offer – absolute consistency. Tap water’s composition can vary significantly depending on the location and treatment processes. In contrast, distilled water like Aquawawa offers consistency, ensuring your baby gets the same pure water wherever you are.

Besides being perfect for mixing with infant formula, distilled water’s purity makes it an excellent choice for other infant needs. For instance, it’s ideal for use in diluting fruit juices for your baby once they are old enough, preventing any exposure to potential impurities and cutting down on the sugar content. It’s also suitable for cleaning baby accessories like feeding bottles, pacifiers, and teething toys, helping maintain their cleanliness and safety. Don’t forget to use Aquawawa in your nursery’s humidifier, too! Your infant is breathing that air, so you want it to be pure!

Distilled water is also practical for parents. It prevents mineral build-up in baby bottles and formula makers, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring they remain safe and effective for use. It’s also convenient – especially when you choose Aquawawa. With its perfectly sized bottles and free shipping, using distilled water for your baby becomes easy and hassle-free. The 8-ounce bottles are available in packs of 6, 12, and 24 so you can always have the right amount on hand.

Ultimately, choosing distilled water for your baby is an investment in their health. By selecting Aquawawa, you are choosing a product designed with your baby’s safety and wellbeing in mind. It embodies a commitment to providing your baby with the very best, right from their earliest days. With every bottle of Aquawawa, you’re giving your baby not just distilled water, but a promise of purity, safety, and care. The benefits of distilled water for your baby are clear, making it a choice you can trust and rely on as you navigate the beautiful journey of parenthood with a little less worry and stress.

Aquawawa is built upon a commitment to purity, safety, and the wellbeing of your baby. This pledge is the driving force behind the decision to use vapor distillation, a method recognized as one of the most effective ways to purify water. But why is this so important? To answer this question, we need to delve deeper into the essence of vapor distillation and what it means for your baby’s health.

What sets vapor distillation apart from other purification methods? The answer lies in the completeness of its purification process. Unlike filtration methods, which may let some smaller particles, certain chemicals, or bacteria through, vapor distillation effectively removes virtually all contaminants. This includes heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and even certain types of pharmaceuticals that might be present in tap or bottled water – yikes!

Choosing vapor distillation is also about delivering consistency. The process results in water that has the same purity level, time after time, no matter what the initial water condition was. With our strict controls, this means you can count on Aquawawa to deliver the same high-quality, pure water with every single bottle, wherever you are.

For babies, whose immune systems are still developing, the benefits of this level of purity cannot be overstated. Infants are much more vulnerable to the potential harms of impurities commonly found in water. With Aquawawa’s distilled water, you can rest assured knowing that the water you’re using for your baby’s needs is as pure and safe as possible.

But Aquawawa’s commitment to your baby’s wellbeing doesn’t stop at purity. By choosing to deliver vapor distilled water in small, convenient bottles, Aquawawa ensures that you can easily provide the highest quality water for your baby, whether you’re at home, on vacation, or anywhere else. The compact bottles are also designed to be easy to hold and pour, making the process of preparing your baby’s formula or food as easy as possible.

Aquawawa’s dedication to quality extends to its packaging. The bottles are BPA-free, ensuring there is no chance of those harmful compounds leaching into the water. With doorstep delivery and free shipping, Aquawawa ensures that choosing the best for your baby is always a simple and stress-free process.

At the heart of Aquawawa is the understanding that your baby deserves nothing but the best. By choosing vapor distillation, Aquawawa reaffirms its commitment to deliver the safest, purest water for your baby, time after time. In every bottle of Aquawawa, you’ll find more than just water; you’ll find a dedication to quality, a focus on safety, and a deep care for your baby’s wellbeing. It’s this promise that makes Aquawawa more than just distilled water; it’s a choice you make for your baby’s health, now and for the future.

The Aquawawa Advantage: More Than Just Water

Now that you know all the purity and benefits that Aquawawa’s vapor distilled process provides in your nursery water, there’s some other things about us that you’ll want to know before you shop.

With social commitments, work, doctors appointments, schooling, and everything in between, parents are continually seeking ways to simplify their lives while ensuring the best care for their children. Aquawawa was designed with this in mind, providing convenience without compromising quality. Each bottle of Aquawawa represents a blend of high-quality, distilled water and thoughtful design that fits seamlessly into the busy lifestyles of modern parents caring for an infant.

One of the standout features of Aquawawa is its small, easy-to-hold bottles. Thoughtfully designed, these bottles make it easy for parents to prepare their baby’s formula or food, even when on the move. The compact size of the bottles also means they fit easily into diaper bags, purses, or backpacks, making them an ideal travel companion. Whether you’re visiting the park, traveling out of town, or simply running errands, Aquawawa can come along, ensuring you and your baby both have access to clean, safe water wherever you are.

Aquawawa also shines in the convenience it offers at home. The bottles are designed for single use, eliminating the need for storing opened water bottles in the fridge. This also ensures that every bottle your baby consumes is fresh and free from potential cross contamination, which is always a risk when water makes contact with the air around it. With Aquawawa, the perfect portion of pure water is always at your fingertips, making meal prep smoother and simpler. Plus, if you have a few ounces left over, you can always treat yourself to some much-needed water. Yes, Aquawawa is good for moms and dads, too!

The convenience of Aquawawa extends to its purchasing process. With an easy-to-navigate website and doorstep delivery, you no longer need to worry about running out of nursery water. Simply order online, and your supply of Aquawawa will be shipped directly to you. We also offer free shipping, making the process even more cost-effective and hassle-free for budget conscious parents.

But to be honest, the ultimate convenience lies in the peace of mind Aquawawa provides. Knowing that your baby is consuming the cleanest, safest water available is invaluable. It’s not just about the time you save, but the confidence you gain in knowing you’re giving your baby the very best.

Choosing the right water to mix with your baby’s formula is a critical decision that impacts their nutrition and overall health. But you can relax – with Aquawawa, that decision is made easy. Specifically designed with formula-feeding parents in mind, Aquawawa offers the utmost in purity, safety, and convenience, ensuring that your baby’s formula is as healthy and beneficial as it is supposed to be.

The purity of Aquawawa is its standout quality, and it’s what makes it the ideal choice for mixing with infant formula. The vapor distillation process ensures that it is free from any harmful contaminants, providing a safe, clean base. This purity is critical because it allows the nutrients in the formula to shine without interference from potential contaminants or added substances like fluoride. Its neutral pH and neutral taste doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the formula either, making it more acceptable to babies.

Aquawawa’s convenience also shines in formula feeding. The small bottles are designed for single use, providing the perfect amount of water for one or two typical formula feeds, depending on the age and appetite of your little one. This means you don’t have to measure out water every time you prepare a bottle, saving you time and reducing potential errors. The easy-pour design also minimizes spills, making the process of preparing formula less messy and more efficient.

Most importantly, Aquawawa’s single-use bottles also eliminate the risk of contamination from storing opened water bottles. Each time you prepare your baby’s meals with Aquawawa, you know you’re using fresh water, ensuring the highest level of safety for your little one. This is especially crucial in the early months of your baby’s life when their immune system is still developing.

Aquawawa represents a thoughtful solution for formula-feeding parents. It’s a product that understands the unique needs and challenges of preparing infant formula and offers a convenient, safe, and practical solution. With Aquawawa, you’re choosing a product that respects the significance of your role as a parent and supports you in providing the best for your baby.

The non-stop demands of life can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve got a little one in tow. Between feedings, diaper changes, playtime, and nap time, finding a moment to run errands can seem nearly impossible – doubly so if you’ve got two or three mini versions of yourself tagging along. This is where Aquawawa’s easy delivery and free shipping is a lifesaver.

Aquawawa is committed to providing you with a seamless, hassle-free experience right from the moment you begin to shop to when you place your order. Our user-friendly website makes it easy for you to order your supply of Aquawawa from the comfort of your home or even on the go. With a few clicks, you can restock your Aquawawa supply and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. It’s as simple as that!

We understand that parents need convenience without any hidden costs. That’s why we offer free shipping on all 6, 12, or 24 pack cases. There’s no need to worry about extra fees or minimum purchase amounts. Whether you’re ordering a single pack or stocking up for the month, shipping is always on us. Babies are expensive enough – you don’t need extra fees!

But the convenience of our delivery service goes beyond just cost. With Aquawawa, you can say goodbye to the heavy lifting and tedious task of hauling water bottles from the store to your home. No more coming into contact with who knows what germs on the shopping cart just to pick up water. No more worries about fitting bulky water packs into your shopping cart or car. Your supply of Aquawawa arrives right at your doorstep, making the process of stocking up on nursery water effortless and straightforward. We’d tell you to kick back and relax, but we know that’s almost impossible for parents! Instead, you can worry about all the other parts of parenthood – not water!

Mom brain is real. But with our subscription service, you never have to worry about forgetting to shop and running out of nursery water ever again. Set up regular deliveries at a frequency that suits your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest. With our subscription service, you have one less thing to remember, letting you focus on the more important parts of your day.

We take great care in ensuring our bottles reach you in perfect condition. Each Aquawawa bottle is securely packed to reduce the risk of damage during transit, preserving the integrity and safety of every bottle we deliver.

Choosing Aquawawa isn’t just about choosing top-quality distilled water for your baby; it’s also about choosing a service that respects your time and energy. It’s about choosing a partner that is there for you, providing convenience, support, and peace of mind. With Aquawawa, the highest quality nursery water is just a click away, delivered to your doorstep, always free of shipping charges. It’s more than just a product; it’s a service designed with you and your baby in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aquawawa and Vapor Distilled Water

While you’re waiting for your Aquawawa to show up at your door, you might have some questions. Here’s some of the questions we get the most, and their answers! (Don’t see your question below? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Q: Is distilled water safe for babies?

A: Absolutely, that’s why Aquawawa chose vapor distillation for our nursery water! Distilled water like Aquawawa is one of the safest choices for babies and other vulnerable groups. The meticulous purification process ensures this water free from impurities, making it a clean and safe choice. (And guess what? It’s good for you, too! Why not quench your thirst with a little pure distilled water?)

Q: Doesn’t distilled water lack essential minerals? Isn’t this a problem for babies?

A: Distillation does remove minerals from water, but the good news is that this is not a concern for babies. Babies already get all the minerals and nutrients they need from their diet, whether that’s breast milk or formula, and then solid foods when they get older. So they don’t need any extra minerals from water. In fact, too many minerals can even cause a problem.

Q: Can I use distilled water all the time for my baby?

A: Yes, you can use distilled water like Aquawawa for your baby’s needs, all day every day. From preparing formula to washing baby accessories to filling their nursery humidifier, you can’t go wrong with Aquawawa. It provides the highest level of purity, ensuring your baby is not exposed to any potential contaminants. There are no drawbacks!

Q: Does distilled water taste different than other types of water?

A: Distilled water has a flat, neutral taste because it doesn’t contain any of the minerals that people are used to tasting in water, including salt. Some people find it bland when they first try it, but this actually makes it an ideal choice for mixing with formula. There’s no other flavors to impact the taste of the formula, making it more likely for your baby to accept it.

Q: Is it safe to use distilled water for long periods?

A: Yes. Using vapor distilled water like Aquawawa for long periods is completely safe and even beneficial. It provides consistent purity, ensuring your baby is not exposed to any potential waterborne contaminants. In a world of constant change, you can count on Aquawawa to be the same with each and every bottle.

Q: I’ve got safety concerns about plastic. What kind of bottles does Aquawawa use?

A: We get it, and this is important to us, too! Aquawawa bottles are BPA-free, ensuring there is no chance of these harmful compounds leaching into the water. We are committed to ensuring every aspect of our product is safe for your baby, and that includes the packaging!

Q: How should I use Aquawawa for my baby’s formula?

A: You can use Aquawawa just like any other type of water – except for the fact that you never need to boil it because it’s already sanitized! Simply warm the required amount of Aquawawa for your baby’s bottle, test the temperature, and then mix directly into your baby’s formula. If your baby will tolerate room temperature bottles, you’re in luck and can skip the heating step. Aquawawa makes it easy to mix and go.

Q: Can I use Aquawawa for other things my baby needs?

A: Please do! Aquawawa is not only perfect for preparing formula but also for other parenting necessities like washing baby accessories or diluting juices and adding water to your nursery humidifier. Its high level of purity makes it a safe, convenient, and practical choice for any task that requires water.

Q: I’ve opened a bottle of Aquawawa but haven’t used all of it. Can I store it for later use?

A: Aquawawa’s high purity means it’s less likely to become quickly overwhelmed by contaminants (like bacterial growth…ew…) than regular water. But once it makes contact with the surrounding air, there’s always a risk of cross contamination. We recommend using the entire contents of the bottle within 24 hours for the best quality and safety. With a constantly hungry baby under your roof, that shouldn’t be a problem!

Q: Can I heat Aquawawa for my baby’s formula?

A: Yes, you can safely heat Aquawawa to the recommended temperature for preparing your baby’s bottle. Its high purity means it doesn’t have chemicals or dissolved particles that could change or degrade when heated. In general, it’s not recommended to heat water bottles in the microwave, so warm your Aquawawa in a glass container if you use the microwave or transfer the contents into a pot for heating on the stovetop.

Q: Can I use Aquawawa when I’m out and about?

A: Absolutely! Aquawawa’s compact 8-ounce bottles are designed to be portable and convenient. Whether you’re running personal errands or traveling, you can bring Aquawawa along to ensure your baby has access to clean, safe water at all times. The small size means it won’t weigh down your diaper bag – you’ll have the space and strength to take along that new toy from Grandma!

Q: Should I refrigerate Aquawawa?

A: There’s no need to refrigerate Aquawawa. However, once a bottle is opened, we strongly recommend using it within 24 hours to ensure the best quality.

Q: How should I store my Aquawawa bottles?

A: Aquawawa bottles should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This ensures the water maintains its purity and the plastic bottles don’t degrade over time. It’s not necessary to refrigerate Aquawawa, but you can if you prefer it chilled.

Q: What is the shelf life of Aquawawa?

A: Each Aquawawa bottle has an expiration date printed on it. However, thanks to its distillation process and BPA-free packaging, Aquawawa has a long shelf life. As long as the bottle remains sealed and is stored properly, it will easily retain its freshness until the expiration date.

Q: I’ve opened a bottle of Aquawawa. How long can I keep it?

A: Once opened, it’s recommended to consume the entire contents of an Aquawawa bottle within 24 hours for the best quality. This is to ensure the highest standard of safety and freshness for your baby. Bacterial growth from cross contamination through contact with the air can double within 48 hours, which is why large jugs of distilled water you find when you shop at the grocery store are not the best when you need small amounts at a time. With Aquawawa’s 8-ounce sizes, each bottle is the perfect amount.

Q: How many bottles of Aquawawa should I keep on hand?

A: The number of bottles you should keep on hand depends completely on your personal needs and the appetite of your little one. As a general guideline, babies need 2.5 ounces of formula per pound of body weight each day. So a 12-pound baby will need approximately 30 ounces per day, which equals just under four bottles of Aquawawa. Of course, each sweet babe is different and you may have one that eats a little more or a little less. How many bottles to order at a time also depends on how often you want shipments to arrive and what your storage situation is like at home. Aquawawa comes in 6, 12, and 24 pack cases. You can also set up a delivery schedule that suits your personal needs, ensuring a steady supply of Aquawawa without the need for bulk storage or having to worry about mom brain kicking in and forgetting to order!

Q: What is the autoship option?

A: Autoship is a subscription service provided by Aquapap. You can set up regular deliveries of Aquawawa at a frequency that fits your needs, from weekly to monthly. With autoship, you never have to worry about running out of nursery water and having to risk boiling tap water or using regular “purified” water which may not be so pure. Autoship eliminates the need for you to regularly place orders manually or store large quantities of water, making your life easier and ensuring your baby always has access to safe, pure water.

Q: Can I change or cancel my autoship subscription?

A: Yes, you can change or cancel your autoship subscription at any time at Aquapap’s online shop. We understand that your personal needs will change as your kiddo grows up, so we’ve made it easy for you to adjust your delivery schedule or quantity as needed.

Parenthood is filled with difficult decisions. Aquawawa is one of the easy ones. Shop today.

Beyond Meal Time: Uses for Aquawawa Everywhere

While Aquawawa is ideal for using to make your infant formula, its uses go far beyond feeding time. Here’s other ways Aquawawa can make life easier for your family.
Bathing and Skin Care
Aquawawa's purity isn't just a top choice for feeding your little one. It's also an excellent way to care for their delicate skin. As any parent knows, babies' skin is much more sensitive than grown-ups, which means it can be irritated by the impurities found in regular tap water. And if baby’s not having a good day, no one is having a good day!

One excellent way to use Aquawawa is for rinsing your baby during bath time. After washing with soap and regular bathwater, a final rinse with Aquawawa can ensure that all the soap residues and any potential tap water impurities are washed away. This can help prevent skin irritations and keep your baby's skin kissable, smooth, and healthy.

Another great use for Aquawawa is making your own wet wipes. Instead of using commercial wet wipes, which often contain chemicals and irritating artificial fragrances, many parents are turning to making their own wipes. You’ll find a lot of good recipes for DIY wipes online with a quick search, but in general all you’ll need is a roll of paper towels, some gentle soap, a pure oil like olive oil, and of course, some Aquawawa. When you make wipes yourself, you can use ingredients you trust and you know exactly what’s in them. For conscientious parents looking to reduce toxins, this is pure gold.

When your little one becomes mobile, they are going to eventually find some trouble. It will be traumatic for everyone the first time they get scratched by the family pet or pinch their finger on a cabinet door, but fortunately you can use Aquawawa for cleaning minor wounds or scratches. Breathe easy and pour a little Aquawawa, Mama. Its pure nature makes it much safer than regular tap water for this use, helping to reduce the risk of irritation or infection.
Cleaning Accessories
We all know that keeping it clean around babies is a health essential, and they put everything (and we mean everything) in their mouths. You can use Aquawawa to clean your little one's favorite things and help maintain a sanitary environment. Items like rattles, teething rings, floor gym toys and more are top candidates for rinsing with Aquawawa. Because it’s so pure and free from contaminants, it doesn’t have any residue that could potentially stick to your child's items during cleaning. Using it for rinsing after washing goes a long way in providing the cleanest things for your infant to – let’s face it – stick into their mouth at any moment!

In addition to toys and such, another good use for Aquawawa is for rinsing feeding items. After washing bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and other feeding related equipment, a final rinse with Aquawawa can help remove any soap residue and potential tap water impurities, like chlorine. So the next time you use the feeding items for your wee one, they are as clean and safe as possible with no off taste or smell that can turn a happy baby crabby.

Even for cleaning surfaces where your kids frequently touch or play, Aquawawa can be a mom’s best friend. After cleaning the surface with your regular cleaning solution, you can wipe it down with a cloth dampened with Aquawawa to help remove any residual cleaning substance without leaving impurities from tap water behind. Even if you don’t use harsh chemicals, you’ll want to wipe away soap or essential oils that will quite literally leave a bad taste in your sweet kiddo’s mouth. Yuck!
Cooking Baby Food
As your little one grows up and starts eating solid foods, Aquawawa is still there for you. Commercial baby food can contain preservatives and other questionable ingredients, or worse, be contaminated with heavy metals or other toxins. Because of these risks and unknowns, cautious parents are turning to making their own baby food at home. If that’s you, you’ll be relieved to know that Aquawawa is on your side here, too. When using vapor distilled water in homemade baby food prep, you’ll know you’re not accidentally adding toxins.

Would you feed your sweet pea chlorine? Or industrial runoff? Of course not! Yet even the smallest amounts of impurities found in tap water can affect the long term safety impact of your child's food. By using Aquawawa, you're taking an extra step to ensure that their meals are free from these common toxins. When you’re preparing purees, you frequently have to boil fruits or vegetables to get the right consistency. By using Aquawawa to do the boiling, you can be assured that no unnecessary contaminants are being introduced into the food. For dishes that require the addition of liquid, like porridges or soups, Aquawawa can be your clean go-to choice.

Aquawawa can also be used for washing fruits and vegetables. Given that these items can often carry traces of pesticides or other chemicals, rinsing them with Aquawawa after a thorough wash can provide an additional layer of defense against toxins. To find the most economical ways to spend your money on organic produce and know ahead of time which fruits and veggies will need the most diligent cleaning, search for the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen. These lists will help you decide if organic is essential or if conventional is safe enough on a product by product basis.
Nursery Humidifier
Nobody likes dry air – especially not your infant. Using Aquawawa in your baby's personal nursery humidifier is an excellent choice to enhance the quality of air your little one breathes. A humidifier is a valuable tool in creating a healthy, comfortable environment for your infant, especially in seasons where the air tends to be dry. The water you choose to fill it with plays a vital role in its efficiency and the purity of the mist it releases.

Aquawawa, with its vapor-distilled purity, stands as an ideal option. Distilled water like Aquawawa is free from minerals and impurities that are often found in tap water. That means no impurities being added to the air your infant is breathing. Using it in your humidifier also prevents any mineral deposits from building up inside the machine. This not only helps maintain cleaner air in your baby's nursery but also increases the lifespan and efficiency of your humidifier.

Additionally, using Aquawawa minimizes the risk of bacteria or mold growth in the humidifier. Because distilled water lacks the environment that these organisms need to thrive, the likelihood of them growing and being dispersed into your little one’s nursery is greatly reduced.

With Aquawawa, not only are you providing a clean, comfortable atmosphere for your infant, but you're also opting for convenience. The size of the Aquawawa bottles makes refilling your humidifier easy and mess-free. Plus, with the online ordering and delivery system, you won't have to worry about running out of water.

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The Aquawawa Difference: Comparing Alternatives

If you’re curious about how Aquawawa’s vapor distilled water stacks up against other options available on the market, you’re not alone. Here’s the information you need about how Aquawawa compares to other popular types: purified, boiled water, and reverse osmosis.

When it comes to choosing the best type of water for your little one, understanding the difference between vapor distilled and purified options is crucial before you begin to shop. Both these types go through purification processes, but the methods and the extent of purification vary, leading to different outcomes.

“Purified” is a generic term applied to any water that has been sanitized in any way. Purified products undergo a process that removes chemicals and contaminants, usually using methods like reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, or micron filtration. This ensures the product is suitable for general consumption. However, the purification process might not remove all impurities, and some trace minerals or contaminants could potentially remain.

On the other hand, vapor distilled products like Aquawawa go through a rigorous distillation process. This involves heating until it turns into steam and then cooling the steam back into liquid form. This process is highly effective at removing impurities because only the H2O molecules turn into steam, leaving behind virtually all contaminants and impurities. As a result, vapor distilled products offer an exceptionally high level of purity.

For those seeking the highest level of purity for their babies, vapor distilled Aquawawa is the ideal choice. It’s not only free from impurities but also has a neutral taste and odor. This makes Aquawawa perfect for a variety of uses, from mixing with formula to cooking meals and filling your infant’s humidifier.

Looking for more information about these different types? The Aquapap blog provides a wealth of knowledge about different water options available, the distillation process and why it’s a superior choice. You’ll find detailed descriptions and comparisons that will help you make an informed decision about what’s best for your family’s personal needs before you shop. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us!

When you’re ready to shop for Aquawawa, the Aquapap website makes it easy to get all the information you need to shop with confidence.

When you’re searching for the purest water options for your little one’s needs, you may find yourself comparing distilled and boiled tap options. Both methods aim to eliminate impurities and provide safe water, but there’s a significant difference in the level of purity achieved. Here’s what you need to know.

Boiling tap options is a common method to make it safer for consumption. The heat helps kill off bacteria and viruses that might be present. However, this method doesn’t remove other types of contaminants. Certain chemicals, heavy metals, and minerals can remain in boiled tap options, as boiling only eliminates microorganisms that are sensitive to temperature.

Vapor distilled Aquawawa goes through a far more rigorous purification process. As we’ve gone over before, distillation involves boiling water until it transforms into steam, then condensing that steam back into a liquid form. What you’re left with is a natural, exceptionally pure product, perfect for the personal needs of your infant.

When you shop at Aquapap and order Aquawawa, you’re choosing a product that offers not only superior purity but also great convenience. With Aquapap’s easy delivery service, you can set up a regular schedule that suits your needs. This ensures that you always have a reliable supply of nursery water, without the hassle – or the mixed results – of boiling and cooling tap options.

Reverse osmosis is a very popular way to purify tap water and you’ll find these systems in homes across the country. Reverse osmosis and distillation are both beneficial methods for purifying water, but how they accomplish that task is quite different. Here’s the breakdown.

In reverse osmosis, pressure is used to force water through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane lets molecules pass through but will block most contaminants and impurities such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and chemicals. Reverse osmosis systems often include pre- and post-filters to remove larger particulates, that also improve taste and smell. (We understand why public water supplies need to use chlorine! But still, no one likes drinking tap water that tastes and smells like it came from a swimming pool. Gross.) Overall, reverse osmosis systems do a good job of making tap water safer and more enjoyable to consume.

The process of distillation leverages the fact that most contaminants have a higher boiling point than water so they get left behind as the water turns into steam. Both reverse osmosis and distillation are great at removing chemicals, bacteria, and other nasty contaminants we don’t want around our babies – or anyone else for that matter! And while reverse osmosis is a great way to purify water for general home use, distilled water is free of all the extra minerals and fluoride that your infant simply does not need at this stage in life.

Distillation is also better at removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than reverse osmosis processes. It’s also much more convenient to carry around in 8-ounce bottles instead of trying to package up reverse osmosis water yourself and run the risk of cross contamination in the process. So if you’ve got a reverse osmosis system in your house, you’re doing a great thing for your family! But when it comes to feeding your newest addition, you’ll want to play it safe with Aquawawa.

Clean water is one of those essentials for caring for an infant. With Aquwawa, it’s also convenient. Shop now.

When it comes to your infant, you scour all the available information and scrutinize all the products before you shop. In the realm of all the distilled water options available, Aquawawa stands out as the superior choice for several reasons. Its superior quality, convenience, and dedication to serving your personal needs truly set it apart. Here’s why Aquawawa should be your first choice when you shop for distilled water options:

Unparalleled Purity

Aquawawa is vapor distilled, a process that removes virtually all impurities, providing a natural, safe, and exceptionally pure product. It’s the closest you can get to pure H2O, ensuring the highest quality for your loved ones.


With Aquawawa, you can say goodbye to the hassle of boiling tap options or constantly running to the store to stock up. Aquapap offers an easy delivery service, allowing you to set up a regular schedule that suits your personal needs.

Ideal Size

Aquawawa comes in conveniently sized 8-ounce bottles, perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you’re mixing formula, filling the humidifier, or simply need a drink yourself, the right amount is always at your fingertips.

Multiple Pack Sizes

Depending on your personal needs, you can choose from 6, 12, or 24 packs of Aquawawa. That way you always have just the right amount of water on hand. This is especially important if you’re short on storage space.

Shop Online

Ordering Aquawawa is just a few clicks away. You can easily shop for it online 24 hours a day, without the need to visit a physical store. With Aquapap’s secure online platform, you can place your order anytime from the comfort of your home.

Send it Where You Want It

Traveling? No problem. You can also arrange to have your water sent to your destination, from Grandma’s house to your hotel – even to your cruise ship! Now that’s personal service.

Perfect for Gifting

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a new parent, Aquawawa is a thoughtful choice. A gift subscription to Aquawawa can help lighten their load, ensuring they always have a reliable supply of high-purity distilled water products.

Superior Customer Service

When you choose Aquawawa, you’re not just buying a product, but also becoming a part of a community that cares. Aquapap is dedicated to providing superior customer service, ready to answer any questions and help with your orders.

Aquawawa: The Perfect Choice for Moms

Being a parent is hard. Between the snuggles and coos and a non-stop stream of exciting first-time-for-everything experiences, there’s sleepless nights. There’s worry and stress. There’s planning and shopping and managing. Especially as you add more new additions to your family, the workload increases.

That’s why companies like Aquapap are trying to make life just a little bit easier for frazzled moms and dads. By making at least one of your decisions easy – and then helping you automate it – we hope that this frees up some time and mental space to enjoy those meaningful moments more. Don’t spend these years stressing about water. Aquawawa has you covered – squeeze that baby and take a calming breath.

So shop for Aquawawa today and mark “get distilled water” off of your to-do list. You’ve got important things to do, Mama.

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