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Purified vs. Distilled Water: Battle Aqua Pura

The battle of bottled waters is upon us: When it comes to purified vs. distilled water… who wins? Nowadays there are countless options for drinking water, but which type should you choose? So long as it’s free from impurities like dirt or bacteria, either option is arguably safe for consumption, but if you’re especially conscious about your health, you may be wondering which water comes out on top in the battle of purified vs. distilled water.

The difference between purified vs. distilled water comes down to the process that the water goes through to achieve purification. While the objective is the same, the methodology as well as the end products are notably different. We will examine the fundamental differences between water that has been distilled and purified water, considering the benefits and limitations of each so that you can make the most informed decision about your drinking water. To begin understanding the differences between the two, let’s first look at what each type means.

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What is Purified Water?

Purified water is water that has been mechanically filtered or processed to remove chemicals and impurities. Purification involves removing contaminants, including bacteria, chemicals, and toxins. Different treatments such as reverse osmosis and deionization often target different impurities, but all purification processes seek to remove or reduce the amount of contaminants to an acceptable level. In fact, purified water is defined by the level of contaminants it contains…Legally speaking, the impurity load of dissolved solids in purified water cannot exceed 10 parts per million. Water that meets this threshold is inherently higher in purity than spring water, tap water, or filtered water.

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is usually seen as its own category, but it is actually a type of purified water. Distillation is a process where water vapor is steam-condensed after boiling, leaving behind solid contaminants. You are essentially left with water in its purest form. Water that has undergone distillation is purer than water purified by a carbon, ion exchange, or reverse osmosis filter. The distillation process has proven to be highly effective at getting rid of contaminants such as bacteria and viruses, certain protozoa like giardia, as well as various chemicals including sulfates and lead. Because of its purity, distilled water is commonly used in laboratories and medical facilities, and by CPAP users in their machine’s humidifier chamber. Although purified water is more commonly used for consumption, it’s still quite beneficial to drink distilled water because it does not contain any impurities.

Purified vs. Distilled water

Who Wins the Battle?

Purified vs. distilled water, which one should you choose? That answer largely depends on your personal preference as well as any underlying health concerns you may have, as well as what you plan to use it for. Consider that certain purification systems do not remove fluoride from water, and that an excess amount of fluoride in water can lead to fluorosis. Water purification systems also need maintenance regularly, which is critical to ensure that contaminants don’t accumulate on older filters. There is the additional possibility that the purification process won’t eliminate all the contaminants, including some chemicals and pesticides.

On the other hand, water distillation is among the most effective ways to eliminate water contaminants. Distilled water is free of contaminants like chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria, which is critical for people with weakened immune systems and essential for those using water in their CPAP machines or other sensitive medical devices. Individuals who suffer from chronic diseases such as HIV or cancer have a higher risk of getting sick via these impurities present in the water. For this reason, they should not take any chances with the type of water they drink and try hydrating with distilled water. For people living in places with poor tap water regulations, drinking distilled water isa healthier option than that questionable tap water. Take the first step forward toward health and shop for vapor distilled water by Aquapap today!

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