Single 12-oz Bottle
Single 12-oz Bottle

Single 12-oz Bottle

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  • EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR CPAP MACHINE - AQUAPAP VAPOR DISTILLED CPAP WATER complies with CPAP manufacturers instructions as the proper form of distilled water necessary to properly operate your CPAP machine long term.
  • FREEDOM TO ENJOY CLEAN SLEEP - AQUAPAP VAPOR DISTILLED WATER offers bacteria and mineral free water that can improve the quality of sleep while using a CPAP all night long.
  • DECREASE STRESS WHEN YOU TRAVEL - By packing a couple of our AQUAPAP Vapor Distilled CPAP water bottles for your trips, there’s no need for you to run around town, searching for a gallon of distilled water for your CPAP machine.
  • WE WILL PRE SHIP YOUR ORDERS TO YOUR DESTINATION - AQUAPAP can be sent to your hotel before you arrive making your travel truly hassle free.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BPA FREE - AQUAPAP makes it easy when you are tired of lugging around that dirty gallon jug? Compared to traveling with the traditional gallon jug, our bottle holds 12oz of distilled water, which is enough for one or two uses.

Don't forget the filter!

We recommend using Aquapap vapor-distilled water with our Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter.  This filter, positioned between your humidifier chamber and face mask tubing, is your last line of defense against impurities in the air passing through your CPAP machine Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 2007). Using the Aquapap water and filter together reduces the risk of bacteria that can cause respiratory infections.

1 12-oz. bottle